Get Your Walking Shoes On!

Walking: It's Good for the Soul and Heart


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Walking is the most basic form of transportation. Our ancestors often walked, versus riding horses, carriages and even running. It provides not only a means to get from one place to another, but it keeps us healthy, strong, happy and knowledgeable as we obtain information through our walks. Many people see the pure act of walking as a means of leisure—meaning, if you have time to walk simply to walk, then you're doing it for fun and exercise rather than as a necessity.


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There are many varieties to walking. Many of them involve difficult terrains that simply walking up wouldn't accomplish. Here are a few of the more popular varieties: Scrambling means making your way up a mountain top, snow-shoeing enables you to walk across the snow with snowshoes, power walking is fast walking and Nordic walking uses special poles to use more of the body energy and propel you faster. Each of these have enthusiastic followers across the world. Learn more about each different type of walking involves.


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There are many benefits to walking. Besides making you happy because of the endorphins, it reduces your risk for many diseases. It increases your confidences and self-esteem. It helps your memory skills and strengthens your bones. Although unfortunately the number of people walking has decreased, there are organisations that are encouraging more people to walk. The physical, emotional and mental benefits are abundant in this activity. Learn more about specific diseases that can be calmed by walking and specific feelings that are developed by this activity.

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